Manifesto for infrastructure in the West of England

On Thursday 6 May,  people in the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) area go to the polls to elect a new Metro Mayor.

SWIP has produced a Manifesto for infrastructure in the West of England to highlight some of the key challenges and opportunities in region.

The West of England Mayor plays a key role in ensuring that the South West delivers the appropriate infrastructure to achieve sustainable economic growth and environmental and social well-being.

It is hoped the manifesto will assist the future Mayor and their team as they deliver the region’s infrastructure policies over the next four years.

It applies equally to the new infrastructure planned for the region and the performance and continued adaptation of our existing infrastructure.

The key points made in the manifesto are:

  • The importance of infrastructure in delivering net zero
  • Continued focus on delivering the vision for the region
  • The need for greater powers and funding to be devolved to the region
  • The need for joined up thinking and knowledge sharing to deliver the appropriate skills, jobs and empowerment of citizens to make the right choices.

Peter Kydd, SWIP Chair will be outlining some of the key issues raised in the manifesto at an online debate for West of England Mayoral candidates organised by ICE South West and partners on Tuesday 23 March 2021.