Next Steps for the South West Infrastructure Partnership

With Covid-19 dominating what is and is not possible, and with no definitive timescales to work to, it is challenging to consider next steps. 

However, we will use the SWIP website as a portal for our audience and plan to deliver the following:

  • Publish our report on the SWIP decarbonization workshops held in January and February of this year;
  • Send out a survey to our members and stakeholders to gather and collate your views and priorities with respect to influencing the future shape of South West Infrastructure;
  • Add links and summaries to our evidence base that informs SW infrastructure;
  • Invite your views as to whether the Covid-19 change of behaviours could assist in defining a new normal for the requirements and challenges of delivering infrastructure in the South West.  Could home-working and video conferencing be more effective than commuting at least for part of the week?  And how will the potential higher demand for travel within the UK affect travel in the SW?  And does it enable some of the harder decisions necessary to achieve net zero by 2050 to be accelerated (for example aviation, rail, road)?