What do plans to reform infrastructure delivery mean for the South West?

“A catalyst to enhance our future regional infrastructure.”

Peter Kydd, SWIP Chair

Two major infrastructure policy papers, published by the UK government on 13 September 2021, have been welcomed by SWIP.

The publications are:

National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline 2021

Transforming Infrastructure Performance (TIP): Roadmap to 2030

Taken together, these documents provide greater clarity on what the market is expected to deliver over the next ten years and what will be important in the decision making process going forward. 

SWIP’s Integrating Net Zero Route Map, published earlier this year, complements these two policy papers with its whole systems and public-based approach.

Peter Kydd, Chair of SWIP, commented:

“It’s helpful that the Construction Pipeline presents regional data on a ‘with and without’ major projects basis, so that national projects that happen to be built in the South West, such as Hinkley Point C, do not distort the underlying investment across the region. 

“What we need now is to consider the TIP Roadmap to 2030 in the context of the South West and use it as a catalyst to enhance our future regional infrastructure. This will involve all infrastructure organisations in the South West working more closely than ever to identify infrastructure needs across both our urban and rural communities and deliver them in a sustainable and efficient manner. We should not shy away from setting ourselves demanding targets so that we can focus our minds on delivering what’s needed with a sense of urgency.”

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