Digital & Data Case Studies

Take inspiration from current examples in the South West and share infrastructure ideas to move the region forward towards net zero 2050.

To coincide with the monthly release of each new Beyond Brunel podcast episode, the South West Infrastructure Partnership is sharing a set of case studies related to the podcast discussion topics.

Commissioned and devised by the SWIP and the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) South West, Beyond Brunel brings together infrastructure leaders and industry experts for wide-ranging conversations on the transformation of the region’s infrastructure system. The series is presented by Christopher Ackland, an engineer and ICE member.

Some of the examples mentioned by the podcast are outlined in a free case study companion featuring:

  • Bristol Smart Port
  • Floodly Machine Learning Flood Prediction Tool
  • SMART Biosphere (North Devon)

The case studies and podcast series accompany the South West Vision 2050 report, which uses the podcast discussions as a basis for examining what the region needs to do to achieve an effective, forward-facing infrastructure system.

The report, produced by WSP on behalf of SWIP and ICE South West, identifies four areas for action, three key asks of political leaders and five big questions for defining future needs.

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Checklist for submission

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  • 2 high quality images
  • A quote that demonstrates the impacts and benefits
  • Any significant statistics
  • Details of any novel or innovative technologies or practices
  • High level information on what sets your example apart
  • Permission to publish the information

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