Manifesto for infrastructure in Bristol

Bristol’s third mayoral election takes place on 6 May 2021.

The city is the economic heart of the West of England, acting as a gateway to the South West and Bristol’s Mayor plays a key leadership role in both the city and the wider region.

The South West Infrastructure Partnership (SWIP) has produced a manifesto to highlight some of the challenges and opportunities that the city’s transition to net zero will bring.

The manifesto focuses on how key infrastructure within the region can be planned and delivered. It applies equally to new and existing infrastructure, much of which will require continued adaptation.

The key points are:

• The importance of infrastructure in delivering net zero

• Continued focus on delivering the vision for the city

• The need for greater powers to be devolved to the city

• The need for joined up thinking to deliver the appropriate skills, jobs and empowerment of citizens to make the right choices.